Success Stories

Hear From Our Students

Don’t just take our word for it. Here are some of our graduates sharing their opinions:

I completed the 200 hour Teaching Diploma in August 2016, and I started doing paid yoga teaching in September of the same year.

I found the course was exactly what I needed to give me the confidence, knowledge and practice to teach yoga. There was a great commitment from Jane and Simon and they were very generous and knowledgable.  
They used lots of variety in the teaching methods and having a course handbook was very useful – I still refer to it.
It was an enjoyable, challenging and exciting time, and the other teacher trainees were very willing to help everyone to progress.

Jean Gladwin


The course changed who I am and how I think about myself.
I loved the pace and workshop style of many of the inputs. You gave us the info and then spent time helping us work through what that meant. The guest speakers left a lasting impression and I’ve never looked at anatomy in the same way since, it opened my mind, I find it fascinating.

I teach children of all ages and have developed a mindful body awareness practice with individual children who struggle to function in their bodies.
I teach stressed adults in the workplace, both short breath and stretch interventions, plus full hour sessions. I also teach a community class and have taught in a gym.
All in all a life changing experience!
Loved it, I would do it all again tomorrow.

portrait of Jo

Joanne Smith


The Childrens Yoga training was one of the best things I’ve done. Packed with care, it was a uplifting and inspiring experience from start to finish. I left the course feeling full and ready to use the skills and techniques I have learnt. For anyone looking for a honest, careful, fun and empowering course this is the one!

portrait of Manya

Manya Benenson


Doing Jane’s kids teacher training two years ago was the best move I have taken in my yoga path. It was a really fun and thorough course, I didn’t want it to end! I absolutely love teaching kids and work in schools and 121 now. I still feel supported by Jane and the other teachers on my training and can see myself continuing to work with children and yoga for many, many years to come!! 

portrait of Amina

Amina Drury


I completed Jane’s Children’s yoga teacher training course in 2016, and loved every second of the course! It was fun, really practical and also informative. I felt a bit like a fraud not being a yoga teacher, but actually it was a perfect course for me and pushed me to bring yoga into my outdoor teaching. I am now working as a primary school teacher and I feel confident to lead children’s yoga with my children in school. They absolutely love the combination of silliness, focus and calm. 
Jane’s style of teaching is vibrant and inclusive, and the programme is really straight-forward. She created a warmth within the group that felt really supportive. I’d love to do the course again some time! 

Jenny Gerrans


What a brilliant and enjoyable course! Ideal for anyone who requires ideas and structure for children’s yoga classes and also the practical side of starting up as a children’s yoga teacher. Jane’s warm, welcoming vibe and her generosity to share her wealth of experience and knowledgeable is very special, she gives you the confidence to go for it. Thank you Jane! 

Ruth Harneis


I did Jane’s Children’s Yoga Teacher Training course several years ago and since then I have taught 100s of children using the methods Jane teaches.

These days I run a successful business, ‘Kids Love Yoga’, which provides children’s yoga teachers for dozens of schools in Sheffield.

I am frequently in contact with Jane to request more teachers. Her course is the best I know for creating excellent children’s yoga teachers.

The course itself is packed full of useful information and practical techniques and is so much fun! It is a course full of joy. 

Jo Wharton


The children’s yoga course with Jane is incredible. She is not only a lovely human being but a brilliant teacher.

Her course is well structured, knowledge rich and also ridiculously fun in itself. It covers all the need to know knowledge for teaching yoga to children including lesson structure, behaviour management and all the nitty gritty you need to know to do this as a business. Her support doesn’t stop after the course, she has continued to answer questions and provide support remotely. Her course gave me the confidence to embark on new career.

I have now quit primary teaching and am starting up my own children’s yoga business called Go With the Flow Yoga. I highly recommend to anyone interested in teaching yoga to children in any capacity to sign up for it as you won’t regret it.

Laura Pickerill


If the universe has presented this course in your path, I would highly recommend you get on board. What a fabulous opportunity.

I started this Yoga Teacher Training course in 2017. At the the time I was undecided. Could I afford it? Was I good enough? All the usual chatter of the mind. I decided to go ahead after much toing and froing!

I found Jane and Simon to be really open and welcoming from the second I walked in. All fears were pretty much dispelled from the off. This is a chance to journey not only into the aspect of teaching, where you will cover class planning, the anatomy, philosophy, (my fave) chair/ pregnancy yoga, nidra and NLP and much more, but it is also a rare opportunity to journey within with no distractions, your very own retreat.

I had no intention of teaching but attended out of pure interest in the science that is yoga. Anyway fast forward to today and I am currently teaching yoga weekly, funny!

Both Jane and Simon bring something different to the course kind of a yin and yang. They are different, but at the same time compliment each other so you will find something for everyone here. With their experience and knowledge and fun loving attitude, it’s worth every penny. Enjoy and see what unfolds!

Kaye Hopkinson