200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training 2023

Do you love yoga?

Do you want to learn much much more?

Do you want share the joy of this ancient practice with people around you?

If it’s a yes to any of these questions, come join us in 2023 for a year of joy.

What do I need to do?

First check if you can free up some time for this experience. Your commitment for the training will be one weekend each month, plus 2 hours most Thursday evenings for approximately one year. The result is a qualification which will allow you to teach yoga to all, along with the yoga knowledge that can bring positive changes to your life and to those around you. The dates are here and they are lower down on this page too.

I’m already ready to apply!

I need to know more…

The course is in Sheffield, in person and we would expect you to be with us for the majority of that time. You will want to be there! It’s way better with a group of other yoga fans than learning online. It is a really special experience. Having said that, there is scope to be remote for some of the Thursday sessions if you live a long way from Sheffield, just ask.

Aside from the sessions with my tutors and fellow learners, what else will I have to make space for?

Good question! Some of you have very busy lives. We understand this and have designed the course with that in mind. The coursework is mostly completed within each teaching day, so the written work that you are expected to complete outside of training hours is kept to a minimum. One short essay and one fun research project is all the written homework we expect from you. We do expect you to do your own yoga practice, and to work on developing your teaching skills, but we also understand your commitments to your life outside of the yoga teacher training course. It is worth noting that the more reading , self practice and teaching practice you do outside of the formal course sessions, the better outcome you will have at the end of the experience.

I’m ready to apply now!

How will I afford this experience?

The investment you need to make to train on our yoga teacher training course is £2750. You are guaranteed to learn in a small group for the very best quality tuition. You will learn with passionate, wise teachers. Your main teachers are Jane Collins and Simon Barth, and you also get a selection of wonderful guest teachers for wisdom from a variety of bright minds. You will get a comprehensive course manual. All of your assessments are included. You get access to our library of texts.

When will I recoup that investment?

Great question! These experiences seem expensive, but actually it’s quite easy to have it all back in your account in around a year. Yoga teachers can earn between £25 and £75 per hour. If you teach 2 classes each week for a year you could earn from £2600, (£25 per hour) to £7800, (£75 per hour). You might choose to teach more classes than this. You might decide that the learning is well worth the money all by itself and not ever teach, (spoiler, it’s well worth the money!).

Have I got to pay it all straight away?

Not necessarily.

We would need a deposit of £150 to secure your place, (this is non refundable). If you are booking within 1 month of the start of the course, we would expect the full payment on booking. Otherwise we can offer a weekly or monthly payment plan. (All payments to be completed by the first day of the course, so divide the weeks or months between now and July 2023 and you have your instalment payment amount).

We are committed to making this course accessible to all. If you are in financial hardship and are very serious about yoga and completing the course, please contact us to discuss a possible reduction of the fee, and if we cannot help with that, (if too many other people on the course are already paying less), then we may be able to discuss a longer payment plan.

What if I have more questions?

We offer a free telephone consultation to anyone who is interested in finding out more. Just ask.

Which dates do I need to be available for?

You will find all of the dates here

Weekend dates are 10.30am til 6.30pm

Thursday dates are 6.30pm til 8.30pm